Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who would win?

Last week, BioWare released a new video segment called Choose Your Side.  It is basically what many of us did as kids, argue about who would win in a fight.  And by kids, I mean some of still do that now.  This first video was about the Jedi Knight versus the Bounty Hunter.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, so give it a watch if you have not already.  After the video, we will get down to business and answer the question.

So, who would actually win in a fight?  Not in the game mind you, but real life.

I think the answer is pretty obvious, even if I don't like it.  The Jedi Knight would trounce a Bounty Hunter.  First of all, they pretty much have super powers.  Some can see the future, control peoples minds, throw X-Wings and the list goes on.  Plus they have swords made of lasers.

I am no Force lover but even I have to admit that they'd probably win in a fight.  What has a Bounty Hunter ever done anyway?  Bobba Fett was a chump who never actually did anything.  His "father", Jango, didn't fare much better against Obi Wan.  What do you call the person you were cloned from anyway?

There is an exception, is the Bounty Hunter a droid?  If so, then they may have a chance.  It's been shown that Jedi have a problem defeating droids.  In Phantom Menace for example, the Droid Destroyers gave them a tough time.

In Empire Strikes Back, there was a droid Bounty Hunter named IG-88. He was also a boss in one of Star Wars Galaxies heroic instances.  He might have a chance against a Force user.