Monday, October 24, 2011

There can be only one

Last week, I read an interesting post over at TAGN.  It turns out, EA is making a pretty big change to their Play 4 Free games.  Currently, each of them has its own currency system, after the change there will be only one.  Instead of paying dollars for an item, you instead purchase points.  The new currency will be known as Play4Free Funds and are shared between all of the games.

Why does this matter?  Wrath of Heroes is slated to be a Play 4 Free game.  So far we have not heard much about how the store will work, but it seems likely that it will use the new currency as well.

I hope that is the case.  The thought of buying items for dollars in the Origin store did not sit very well with me.  Using a new currency allows for a lot more flexibility.  Lets take Warhammer Online for example.  There are no plans to make that a Play 4 Free game, but it might be possible to award Play4Free Funds to subscribers so they can spend it on Wrath of Heroes.

BioWare Mythic has said they do want to give some bonus to those who subscribe, but so far we don't have any solid details.  I'd be happy if we received X amount of Play4Free Funds a month.  I'd be even happier if Warhammer Online was made into a Play 4 Free game, but that is a topic for another time.