Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Use those Renown Abilities

Warhammer Online's 1.4.4 patch brought the ram into focus for keep sieges.  Knock out the ram and defenders can get a big boost to help push back their would-be conquerors.  One of the best ways to take out a ram is to use siege weapons.  To go with that, renown abilities received some import changes, continue on for more details.

If you are anything like me, renown abilities were removed from my hot-bars long ago.  With the changes in 1.4.4, they have made a return.  All of them have been changed so that they are actually useful.  Gone are long cooldowns and now most of them stack (to a certain extent).  Lets take a peak at some of them.

Bolster War Engine.  Siege Targetted buff. Increases damage done by that siege engine by 2% for 10 seconds.

Now has a 100ft range and 30 second cooldown.  It also stacks 5 times (I think).  That means you can increase your siege damage by 10%, which could mean an extra 1k damage per shot.  That will help take down a ram quicker.

Reinforce War Engine. You heal the ram for 750 health over the next 5 seconds.

This also has a 30 second cooldown now and is an instant cast.  It will also stack with other players ram heals. It will help keep your ram alive longer, so be sure to break it out when it is ready.

Deflect Oil.  10% reduction in damage taken by Oil siege engines. You will also protect two other group mates within 30 feet. Only one effect of this type may be on a player at a time.

This ability is no longer channeled, so feel free to cast it.

Siege Wrecker.  You sabotage a siege ram, causing the ram to deal 98% of the original damage for the next 10 seconds.

This ability now has a 30 second cooldown and will stack with other similar buffs.  Also note that it has a 65ft range.  It will reduce the damage that the enemy ram is doing, giving you more time to take it down.

This has just been a sampling of the ability changes.  You might want to look through your ability list and see for yourself.  On their own, they may not change the course of the battle.  However, if you and all of your allies are using the abilities, they can become quite potent.