Friday, October 28, 2011

News from the Front: Trick or Treat

Sadly, I'm all out of candy.  Instead, I'll be giving out some links!  With the drop of the Wrath of Heroes NDA, articles and videos of the game have started to appear.  A number are these are by WAR blogger types and other players.  Let's get down to business!  While there may not be an official forum for Wrath of Heroes, Garaawarr has started up his own community site.  It's in beta this weekend, so head on over to and check it out.

The Arena.  Mykiel put together a video of some action in The Arena.

BETA Gameplay.  Yours truly also did a video, with the added bonus (or burden) of some commentary.  I mostly play Felicia and talk about what Wrath of Heroes is.

Zathis.  Mykiel has been busy.  In this video he shows off one of the new heroes, Zathis the Dark Elf Assassin.    There is also a lot of other interesting info about the hero.

Skins. put together all of the available skin options for heroes.  Customize the look of your hero!  This is still beta, so this might not be all of the options.

WoH at GDC. has an article from GDC up about Wrath of Heroes.

More Video!  Some nice quality video from youtube during yesterday's beta session.  Features Zathis and Conrad the Warrior Priest.