Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pets of 1.4.4

Along with the 1.4.4 patch, two new packs were released to the Origin store.  Both involve new vanity pets.  One pack is just for show, the other is of some use to the player.  This one is sure to cause a bit of controversy as well, so lets take a look at the new pets.

Stat Booster Pet

Let's start out with the new booster pet.  Order gets the Drumming Bear and Destruction gets the Tzeentch Familiar.   A quick peek at the files reveals that these pets give players a 5% stat increase to one of the following depending on color:

Weapon Skill, Wounds, Toughness or Initiative

I am pretty disappointed that Mythic went this route for two reasons.

1)  It's a straight up power increase for money.  It's true we have another pet that increases speed by 3%, but that is more indirect compared to a stat bump.  Is 5% a lot?  Not really, but it isn't trivial either.  If a player has 1000 wounds, this will give an extra 50 (500 hp).

That's not too shabby.  They could also free up one or two talisman slots since they are getting wounds elsewhere.  Three of the four stats are defensive, but then they include Weapon Skill which has an offensive component.  That leads me into the second reason.

2)  The new pet benefits some careers more than others.  Tanks will generally have more Wounds, Toughness and Initiative than other careers, so they will get a bigger stat boost.  Melee and other physical DPS will usually have more Weapon Skill, so they will get more benefit.

You can find the Booster Pet Pack at the Origin Store.  It is $9.99 at the time of this writing.

Drumming Bear

Tzeentch Familiar

Personality Pack 3

The second pack they released includes Barber Shop Tokens, Trophy tokens and some more vanity pets.

This pack can be found at the Origin Store. At the time of this writing, it was $9.99.

Both realms get:

Imp Skeleton


Order gets:



Destruction gets:

Armored Mite