Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1.4.4 Patch Notes

The patch notes for Warhammer Online's 1.4.4 patch have been posted!  They come in at a bit under 3,000 words making this a fairly hefty update.  The big ticket item with this update is a new Keep Defense system and the return of the Wild Hunt Live Event.  Read on for some of the other highlights.

Wild Hunt.  The Wild Hunt Live Event is back, and that means that the Hunters Vale dungeon will be open too all tiers.  

Keep Defense.  Successfully defending your keep will now give you a boost to assist driving the enemy back from your gates.  There are some big changes here, so I will cover them in a separate post.  

Vanity Pets.  Mythic continues to release their backlog of vanity pets.  The new Personality Pack 3 will include a Bulldog, Pheonix, Ravenspawn, Griffonling, Imp Skeleton and Mite.  They are also releasing a Booster pet pack which gives some sort of utility.  This one includes the Drumming Bear and Tzeentch Familiar. 

Scenarios.  There will be a new scenario lineup when the patch goes live.  

RvR Changes.  Players with siege equipment will no longer be able to use aerial bombers. Also, when resource carriers successfully deliver their goods, the amount the keep door is healed is affected by Against All Odds.

Career Changes.  The Engineer and Magus careers received some improvements, including a unique Stagger cleanse ability.  Shadow Warriors also received some major changes, and to a lesser extent, so did the Squig Herder. 

Bug Fixes.  This patch also contains a large amount of bug fixes to quests and other content.  

Currently, the patch is set to release on September 13th.  The PTS should also be up soon.  You can find the notes at: