Monday, September 19, 2011

Warhammer Online Turns 3

Has it been three years already?  It's hard to believe WAR is celebrating its 3rd anniversary.  Since it is a special occasion, the Mythic team has some goodies for its players.  Don't worry, it is not a Triple Aegis.  Read on for more details about WAR's 3rd anniversary.

Bonus!  Until this coming Sunday, there will be bonus XP and Renown given.  I think it is 50%,  which when combined with the other ways to boost gain adds up nicely.  I took advantage of it this weekend and got myself another renown rank.

Gifts.  What would a birthday be without some presents?  These should be available to players who've played for three years.  I'm not sure when they will actually be available in game though, hopefully soon.

  • Jack O Lantern Vanity Pet – An exclusive pet for players that is available in four different colors.  This awesome seasonally themed pet is available only through the veteran rewards program.
  • Endless Chaos Black Dye – This item will give you an endless supply of Chaos Black dye to deck out your armor in style!
  • Endless Blazing Orange Dye – This item will give you an endless supply of Blazing Orange dye to make you stand out in battle, plus the color is perfect for the season!
I'm looking forward to these rewards.  They may not provide a bonus like other anniversary gifts had, but these have character.  My Engineer will look like a well armed pumpkin soon!  The vanity pet looks nice too, looking forward to seeing it animated.

Then there is the end of the letter...

After looking at the past and the present, let’s take a quick look at the future to conclude this note. End of next month the demon moon will rise again and Fortresses are looming on the horizon. And next year we are about encounter bloodlust in an additional way.

No clue what that last sentence means, but I am looking forward to the reintroduction Forts!  We also have the return of Grovod Cavern at some point soon too.