Friday, August 26, 2011

Tier 7 Armor Sets - Round 2

Last time, I showed off the new armor sets for Bright Wizards, Chosen and Engineers.  Since then, even more images have been released.  This time they come from the August Producer's Letter.  Continue on for a look at some more of the upcoming armor sets for Warhammer Online. 

Disciple of Khaine

The DoKs armor set is pretty cool looking, very pointy.  Some of the patterns are impressive.

Knight of the Blazing Sun

I've always been a fan of the KotBS armor sets.  Although, I could probably do without the helmet wings, reminds me of Kid Icarus. 


Now we're talking, more Dwarf armor!  This set is pretty good looking, especially considering the challenge of making an armor set for one that can not wear a lot.  Speaking of not wearing a lot...

Witch Elf

Not a huge fan of Witch Elf armor, or lack there of.  I'm sure a good number of players will enjoy looking at it though.

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