Monday, August 22, 2011

Introducing Bax Dreadtoof

Now that Wrath of heroes has been officially announced, Mythic has started to release some information about the Heroes themselves.  Most of this is happening on their Facebook account so stop by there for a visit.  Otherwise, read on for more about a Greenskin hero, Bax Dreadtoof.

Each Hero will get a backstory, here is the one for Bax:

Black Orcs are the biggest of all greenskins; the smartest and strongest foot soldiers that the Bloody Sun Boyz have to offer. Clad in metal armor these towering hulks wield both choppa and shield with equal abandon. Like all greenskins, Black Orcs live (and die) for a fight. Unlike Goblins and lesser boyz however, Black Orcs don’t retreat. Ever (Unless there’s no one else around to see).
Bax gets his moniker from the iron encased tusk that juts from his gaping maw. His left tooth was broken off during a tussle with a rival band of Savage Orcs in the Badlands. By the time that the scrap had reached a satisfying conclusion (the Savage Orcs had all been stomped, bashed and otherwise chopped or ripped into tiny, bite sized pieces), Bax had lost his tooth to the unbreakable hide of the Savage Orc Chieftain. As the Chieftain was missing his head and Bax was only out a tusk he figured it was an even trade.
Bax Dreadtoof is a lumbering mass of muscle and mayhem. When he really gets going not much can stop him. Bax heartily believes in adding insult to injury which results in a devastating combination of crushing blows and hurled insults.

They also get a Beware poster:

And even a Battle Strategy which gives insight about how he plays.
  • Bax is only effective at close range, so use Where You Goin' liberally to stay close to your target.
  • With his extraordinarily high armor, Bax is very good against physical damage.  Use him to counter physical Heroes like Korith or Thagisson!
  • Beware magical attacks - Bax has no special resistance against them.  Long-range magical attackers like Felicia are particularly difficult.
  • Down Ya Go! is the most potent tool at Bax's disposal.  Make sure to coordinate with your teammates to knock down the best enemy at the best time!