Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Producer's Letter

Last week, just as Gamescom started, Mythic released a new Producer's Letter for Warhammer Online.  Not by coincidence, it was released along with the announcement of Wrath of Heroes.  The letter primarily talks about WAR Live though.

The most important part of the letter is probably the beginning.  With a new game on the horizon, it is fair to ask, What about WAR?  The response:  “The WAR wages on!”  WAR is not going anywhere, and will continue on as it has been lately. 

We brought in people to develop the new title and actually increased our pool of resources. This means that we can leverage things done for one game into the other.

They now have more people working, and since both WAR and WoH share the same base, what affects one may very well affect the other.  James goes on to mention the new Mourkain Temple layout and the new Tier 7 armor as examples. 

As previously teased, the Grovod Cavern will be back in Patch 1.4.5; adding this dark Skaven scenario back into the mix.

This has been talked about for a while, but we now have an actual time-frame: 1.4.5.  Rumor has it that this will be an all Skaven scenario, we'll see though.

As a subscriber, you not only will continue to enjoy the rich world of WAR but we are planning to offer benefits to subscribers of WAR in Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. 

I really hope they can make this happen.  I have no plans on unsubscribing from WAR, so I'd love to get some benefit when it comes to Wrath of Heroes.  I don't think EA's origin system has any kind of virtual currency support, so I'm not sure how this will work. 

The rest of the letter just went over information we already knew.  The biggest change on the horizon is still the re-addition of Fortresses to the game in 1.4.5.  As for 1.4.4, it looks like that will hit the PTS this week or next, so stay tuned for more about that.