Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update and Test

Last week, I wrote about the new incarnation of Stellar Fortune.  Since then I have had some time off and advanced it quite a bit.  It is slowly approaching the point that it could be considered a game.  Most importantly, it is now a multiplayer experience.  Read on for the details and testing info.

NOTE:  The server is not currently operational, so you won't be able to do much.

Want to try it out?  Just head on over to

Signing In.  Thanks to Open ID,  you can now log into Stellar Fortune using an existing account.  It currently supports:  Google, Steam, Yahoo, AOL, Myspace and MyOpenID.  So if you have one of those accounts, you can just use it instead of having to make a new one.

As a gamer,  I hate having to create new accounts.  I have too many as it is and it is a pain to remember and change passwords.  As a developer,  I would rather not have to manage your credentials.  I'll let an established provider deal with them.

NOTE:  If you are already logged in under one of those accounts, it may take you directly to the Player name selection.

Map.  On the 'System Map' tab, you'll find a rather crude representation of the current game world.  It is currently 9 x 9 yielding 81 sectors.  There are only two points of interest so far: Earth and Mars.  When you finish your travels at one of those places, you will automatically dock.  Not much to do there now, you'll just see a new tab which is empty.

Control your Ship.  This version allows you to direct your ships movement.  Just go to the 'Plot Route' tab and put in some coordinates.  It'll show you the route and ETA.  When ready, hit the Engage button.  You should now be on your way.

Chat System.  I added a simple chat system which has a single global channel.  Just click on 'Communications' and you should be able to talk.  There is no who list yet, but I should be in game.

Please let me know about any issues you come across.  Thanks!