Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wrath of Heroes at PAX

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but Hurricane Irene decided that I didn't need electricity.  Now I am all caught up with PAX news though, so life can continue.  On Saturday,  there was a panel held to talk about Wrath of Heroes.  Continue on for some more details and a video.

Check out the panel:

Some things I noticed:

  • The Nethys Armory video (shown at the end) was cool.  I did get a chance to play her when I was down there, definitely fun. 
  • Client will be under a gig in size. 
  • They talked a bit about balancing through counters.  For example: the Shadow Warrior Hero turned out to be very powerful.  Instead of doing major changes to him, they added a Witch Elf hero which does very well against him.  Since you can change Heroes during a match, you can try to counter what the other team is doing.
  • Confirmed a Troll hero and a Dryad hero, who will somehow use the seasons. 
  • They do have a Tomb Kings hero planned.
  • A Slayer hero was shown and will be a part of the opening lineup. 

The Gamespot video was cut a bit short and is missing the part where they let the crowd feedback determine the next champion.  It was between an Engineer, Marauder, Tomb King, Sorceress, and a Skaven Gutter Runner.  The winner was selected by applause. 

I think the Engineer should have won, but for some reason the crowd chose the Skaven.  I think they had been corrupted.  

Overall, I enjoyed the panel and can't wait for the game.  You can sign up for beta here.