Thursday, December 2, 2010

Close Quarters

Yesterday, I took part in a fight for Chaos Wastes.  It was actually a lot of fun as I soloed and duo-ed with a guild mate most of the time.  Plenty of fighting and a lot of renown.  I also took part in an interesting keep defense, of which I took some video.

I was very impressed with the performance.  There were a ton of players in very close proximity and the game was still playable.  My computer is not that impressive anymore either: Radeon 4850, 4gb RAM. I'm not sure how many players were present, but the red dots should give you an idea.  There was no Against all Odds bonus, so the sides were close to even.

As for the fight itself, it involved a lot of different aspects.  The blue fire is the result of Destruction Aerial Bombers.  Skaven were actively used by both sides.  At one point in the video, an allied Skaven clears that path for us to push out.  Enemy Gutter Runners were doing some damage to the back-lines.  Friendly Siege Equipment was in use too, providing pressure to the enemy back-lines.

In the end, Destruction lost the fight.  I think the primary reason for their defeat was that they didn't use all the tools which were available to them.  All of our attention was on the keep entrance, but only some Gutter Runners came in over/through the walls.  I also don't remember seeing Destruction Rat Ogres used much.