Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Arsenal Updates

Over the past week, I have been working on some new additions to the Arsenal of WAR.  I have also started to see new post Renown Rank 80 armor and items used in the field, which have been added to the item database.  Still lots to do though, read on for the latest Arsenal of WAR news.

Cultivation.  This is just the first step of getting all of the various tradeskill items into the database.  There is now a Cultivation section, which will shows many of the various seeds. It is still a little lacking in some areas, but it will improve over time.  Next up will be Apothecary.

Rune Priests and Zealots. I have added a checkbox to the Item Depot which is used for Rune of Breaking and Harbinger of Doom.  When unchecked Intelligence, Magic Power and Magic Critical Chance stats from gear is changed to Willpower, Healing Power and Healing Critical Chance.  If the option is checked, it does just the opposite. 

See my Rune Priest for an example.  To test it, you will want to hit the Edit Mode link first.  Fear not other careers with similar stances, you are up next.