Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My WAR Wishlist

Earlier this week I posted my personal wish-list.  Now it is time for what I'd like Santa to bring me as far as WAR goes.  He is a MMO developer right?  I expect him to sneak down Mythic's chimney and get this done.  I suppose his elves could do all of the needed art.

New Classes and Races.  One of WAR's best features is its diversity, so I would really like to see that expanded upon.  I would happily pay extra for access to them too.  I'm not too picky as far as what kind and who should be added.  Although I would prefer if they were not elves, no offense Santa's elves.

New Crafting.  Considering a lot of stats have gone up, it seems like the potency of crafting should too.  I think we have a good shot at this one, since it is a lot less work than new classes and races.  I'll be happy as long as it is RvR focused.

Seeds.  Speaking of crafting, I want some way to obtain Hybrid seeds through RvR. 

New Zone.  This is a tricky request.  I do not want a new zone like WoW gives, as it would empty out the campaign.  Instead, how about a large zone which is roaming friendly.  It could feature a lot of guild claimable objectives.  With objectives focused on guilds, it should control the zerg issue.  Just give a sandbox and let the players take care of the rest.

Info.  I would like to hear some 1.4.1 or maybe even 1.4.2 information.  I know the next patch is mostly about bug fixing, but I'd still like to hear about what's been fixed.