Monday, December 27, 2010

Starting Small

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a new project of mine, creating a video game.  It is something I have been wanting to do for a while and now the time seems right.  Today's tools can save the part time game maker a ton of time.  I don't have any illusions (or is it delusions?)  about making a MMO or the next Call of Duty.  Instead, I am starting small.

There are actually two game that I want to make.  The second being the 'real' game, which is too big to take on right away.  Instead, I am going to go simple and work my way up.  At their core, both games are about flying a ship and shooting stuff.  So Asteroids is the perfect place to start.

Asteroids is a very simple game, but also one I find very enjoyable.  The act of flying your ship around and blowing stuff up is just plain fun.  So how can I expand upon that?  Luckily, many of the additions I have made will also be useful for game #2.

Missions.  I've added a basic Mission (Quest) system, which gives a player some goals and of course, rewards.

Items.  New weapons and other ship components can be bought in an in-game store, dropped from enemies and received as Mission rewards.

Customizable Ship.  You can upgrade your weapons, among other things. 

Multiple Enemies.  Several different kinds of enemies to blow up (not just Asteroids). 

That is about where I am with the game now.  In the coming week I hope to focus on polish and adding new Missions, items and enemies.  The Unity3D engine has taken care of a lot of the mundane graphics issues, allowing me to focus on adding to the gameplay. 

Later this week, I hope to show some video and start getting some feedback.  Eventually, I will post it to be played.