Friday, December 3, 2010

News from the Front: It's back!

After a two week hiatus, News from the Front has returned.  With the Thanksgiving holiday last week, things have been a bit slow.  The post-new content lull hasn't helped much either.  Mythic is in bug fixing mode, so I am not expecting anything really exciting for a while.  What is the community up to?


  • There have been three Hot Fixes recently.  Check them out.
New WAR Blog
  • Welcome to Tea Forks! A new blog by Epikk the Choppa.  I'm not really sure what the name Tea Forks means, but stop by and say hi.
  • Skuz writes about why he develops AddOns.  He does have some nice ones, like FozAuction. I mainly develop AddOns for my own use, if the community uses them, it is another plus.
  • The WAR Aura posts some screenshots featuring new +80RR gear.  If these are the generic items, I can't wait to see some of the more rare ones.
  • Grimnir writes about what the purpose of XP and Renown is in WAR.  I tend to agree, experience levels don't seem all that use in today's WAR.  Renown is what counts.
  • Do melee healers (Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest) need a little Balancing?  I think so, but the Price of Wargh does not.  They don't need a huge change, but they just heal way too much.
  • Hadrune puts on his theorycrafting hat and writes about some new crafting possibilities for WAR. I really hope we see something new for crafting, Combo talismans are an interesting idea...
  • Jestor gets a new computer and it has a huge effect on WAR's performance.  I'm a little jealous whenever I read this kind of posts.  My computer is fine, but around 2 years old.  Now I want a new one!
  • Mr. Meh pulls a Favre and retires from blogging only to return a week later.  Glad to see you back, now get blogging about that DoK... specifically about how I can kill them.
  • Mmmmm Gud posts his Christmas List for WAR.  Sadly, I don't think Santa visits Destruction.  Good post idea, I may steal it for next week :)
  • Video of a Praag keep siege. I really like the mobile cannons, gives a much more epic feeling to combat.
  • An artistic look at some RvR moments from Karak-Norn. 
  • In the mood for some Witch Hunter gankage (and group play) to NES style music? 
  • Shaman video of an IC defense.  I really like how he shows supplemental information, might have to try that out.