Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Latest Hot Fix

Yesterday, Mythic released a new Hot Fix.  While it did not address some of the more pressing bugs (I'm looking at you keep bags), it did add a couple interesting changes.  Read on for the details.

You can find the full notes here.

Players who have purchased the Personality portion of The Verminous Horde RvR Pack, the Trusty Mount Account Entitlement or the Snotling Herald Pet Account Entitlement may now exchange their vanity pets/mounts for a different color as often as they like!  

As an owner of two of those packs, I think this is a great change.   No longer is the color decision final.  I'm not sure I will exchange often, but it is sure nice to have the option.

Resource Carrier affected by the Against All Odds buff will now repair a percentage of health to a damaged Keep Door upon successfully delivering their resources to their Realm’s Keep or Warcamp. 

This means an outnumbered realm will be able to keep their doors up longer.   If the enemy wants to prevent that, they much split their forces to maintain control of the objectives.  It also means defenders must leave the keep to go get these objectives, so it may give some players more to do.

Will it help slow down the campaign?  Probably depends on how outnumbered a side is and  how much the door is healed for.  Sounds like a good change though.