Friday, December 10, 2010

News from the Front: 12/10/2010

I couldn't think of a good title this morning.  I suppose that is one of the drawbacks to posting first thing in the morning.  We are definitely in the holiday season, which means not too much WAR news.  The fight rages on though, as players make their way through the new Renown ranks.


  • A Hot Fix was released this week which included 4 new Renown Tactics.
  • Andy also posted an Account Security reminder.  I really have not seen many gold spammers recently, I guess the new reporting system worked.
Build of the Week
  • This week we have Grimnir's Engineer.  The LotD jewelry and back really give him a nice power boost.
  • Keagen is back with a post discussing his Magus DPS spec.  Nice look at how a Magus can be played.  
  • Grimnir hits RR70 with his Engineer and gives us a rundown of his character build.  I especially like the use of all the new community tools.
  • Mr. Meh counters some of the current anti-wp/dok sentiments with his own letter.I don't really agree, but does offer some perspective from the other side of the fence.
  • Skar thinks the new matchmaking could use a friend, cross server queuing. I used to be against the idea, as it would weaken realm rivalries... but I am slowly coming around. 
  • Krossus writes about a recent city siege.  When both sides stick around, a city can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. 
  • Bootae wrote up a great guide for how low RR Choppa's and Black Orc's can contribute to RvR.  You may not be a wrecking ball, but you can still bring something to the fight.
  • IceKoldKillah is back with another Marauder PvP video.  Great quality and shows a bit of what a Marauder can do.
  • Nice guild (LNM) video from Athel Loren. Lots of French, but some fun intros and gameplay video too.
  • A great solo Shadow Warrior RvR video.  He takes on multiple Destro with good results.