Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't sweat the small stuff

Last week, an interesting thread popped up in the Badlands forums.  I only visit them infrequently, so when it was pointed out to me I had to take a peek.  It turned out to be a post questioning bloggers (in a negative way).  The original post really was not all the bad, the rest of the thread is a different story.

The author posed an interesting thought, to paraphrase: "It seems like we play different games."  This was in reference to some bloggers (me?) tendency to be positive.  To that I say, "Yes, we do play different games."  It is all in the point of view, which varies from person to person.

I admit that I am pretty positive.  It's not because Mythic has bought me off or anything sinister.  I think I have been consistent in my tone over the past 2+ years of this blog.  The reason is the title of this blog: Don't sweat the small stuff.

I play WAR for fun, just as I write this blog for fun.  Spending time dwelling on negative aspects of a game is not fun for me.  I'm not a journalist, so don't expect that type of reporting.  If I was being paid to write about games I would certainly cover both angles, but I'm not.

WAR, just like every game, has a number of issues.  To be honest, I just don't care about a lot of them.  There will always be bugs and class imbalances, worrying about them is just not fun for me.  Once the game issues overtake the fun I have, it is time to move on.  Luckily, that has not happened for me yet. 

Alright, that's enough serious stuff.  Last weekend, Eternal Citadel was the Weekend Warfront.  I'm really not a fan of this scenario on my Engineer so I avoided it.  It's just not Ranged DPS friendly.  This weekend was Doomfist Crater, which is Ranged DPS friendly.

The bridges are a boon for Engineers and other AoE classes, as are the ramps.  The above scenario was a pug group, and turned out to be a fun match.  I called it a night afterward, so I could leave on a high note.