Friday, November 19, 2010

The Verminous Horde Arrives

No News from the Front this week, too tired from playing WAR.  It shall return next week though!  The 1.4 patch hit the live servers yesterday, and I thought it wen pretty well.  Sure, there were some problems but I got to play quite a bit more than I thought I would.

The RvR Pack took its time to reach the US EA Store, but it eventually did.  Didn't stop me from playing before than, since the new RvR system is open to all players.  How is the RvR Pack itself?  That will take some time to figure out.  I'm having fun so far and I took some pictures.

The trainers were a bit busy yesterday.

You are not safe just because you are flying.

The guild ranking banners are actually working!  Turns out the guild I am in, Silent Reign, is ranked #10 on Badlands. 

My new ride.  I went with the Iron version.  It actually looks pretty sweet for a Gyro-copter.

I am looking forward to putting in more time over the weekend.  I have yet to queue for a scenario since there has just been too much Open RvR action.  I also need to find the new dyes, and buy more bank space.  I can barely carry all of the RvR Pack items.