Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot Fixin

Yesterday, Mythic released their first hot fix since the launch of the 1.4 patch.  It actually had a lot of good stuff in it.  I wouldn't say it fixed everything, but it should help out on a number of key issues.  You can find the hot fix notes here.  So how do these affect WAR?

Some selected entries...

The new dye options available to players who have purchased the Personality Pack have been reduced in price. 

I am really happy to see this one.  I really didn't want to take out another mortgage so I could afford those new dyes.  I don't need the bank repossessing my copter. The new prices are 75s and 1g for the new black.

A new dye color, Badab Black, has been made available to players who have purchased the Personality Pack.

It seems Mythic forgot to include a color, so here it is.  It is really really black.  Like looking into a Black Hole black.  I'm not a fan, as it wipes out the textures.  Some people like it though.

The Resource pool threshold for Tier 4 RvR Keeps has been increased. Keeps will now require additional resources to increase in Rank. 

The health for Tier 4 Keep Doors has been increased. 

Both of these changes should help address the frequency of city sieges.  Will it be enough?  I'm not sure, we'll have to see how much longer it takes to capture a zone now.  There is a fine line between a zone being captured too quick and it taking too long.  Hopefully they will just keep nuding it until it feels right.

The Skaven/Giant Rat camps in Tier’s 2&3 Empire vs. Chaos have had their levels adjusted to be more appropriate to the new Tier restrictions. 

Ah, rank 39 rats, how I love thee.  Leveling is easier than ever with these changes.  My rank 29 Slayer was getting 2.4k per rat yesterday and was bolstered to rank 39 too.  Just need to get him to 32, then it is off to the Land of the Dead where he will assume his new role of butcher.

Fixed an issue where Scenarios were not properly triggering. 

A number of players have been trouble getting any scenarios to pop since the patch.  This hot fix was supposed to fix that, but it either didn't, or just made another issue known.  There will be another maintenance today, which will hopefully resolve this problem once and for all. I have been lucky and have had no issues getting into scenarios.