Friday, November 12, 2010

News from the Front: The best armor

The best armor is to keep out of range.  In case you can't, there is a lot of new armor to choose from in Warhammer Online.  During the PTS event held on Wednesday night, players got their first look at the Doomslayer and Warpforged armor sets.  New gear does indeed bring in the crowds, as Mythic's PTS server filled up.


  • Today at 3pm EST / 21:00 CET a PTS event will be held to try out the new armor sets. 
  • Steven gives us some background and details about the stat changes in 1.4.
Build of the Week
  • Check out this Engineer healing build.  It's not something I would run, but if you really like Bugmans Best... With renown it would give 615 wp and 220hp.
  • Mmmmm Gud took some pictures of some of the new Black Orc weapons we will see in 1.4.
  • Curious about the new Black Orc armor?  Mmmmm Gud posted pictures of them as well.  
  • Yea, Mmmmm Gud had been busy, check out the stats of the new Black Orc armor sets.
  • Mr. Meh runs into a gaggle of goblins.  Is it gaggle, if not it should be.  I think Squig Herders are the most underrated class in the game. 
  • Rancid has created a new career builder, but he needs a little help from the community.  Be sure and stop by.
  • Gaarawarr, fresh from his marathon, posted a rundown of the new user submitted Loading Screen tips.  Lots of good information in those tips, great idea by Mythic.
  • TheHealerofTru posted a picture of himself playing WAR.  You know, it is pretty much what I expected ;)  I feel bad for that Rune Priest in a world of DoK's and WP's.
  • Warhammer Online, in 3d.  I don't have a pair of 3d glasses, if you do let us know how it is!
  • Video of some of the new armor sets.  I'd turn down the speakers for this one.
  • Duel footage of a Squig Herder from Karak Norn.  I'd also turn down the volume for this one.
  • Excellent (and creepy) video from teddybeer involving the new playable Skaven.