Monday, November 15, 2010

1.4 and the Arsenal

Late last week, Mythic announced that the 1.4 patch, The Verminous Horde, will go live this Thursday (11/18)!  That includes the new Open RvR system, the RvR packs and the Skaven instance.  I thought it would be soon, but this week is a very nice surprise.

Since 1.4 will be arriving this week, I have updated the Arsenal of WAR to include many of the new items we'll see in the patch.  The new scenario weapons, Doomforged and Warpforged armor sets and the rest are up for viewing.  Big thanks go out to Thehealeroftru who uploaded screenshots for every piece of warpforged armor. 

The Item Depot has also been updated for 1.4.  It will now allow you to set the Renown Rank (above 80) of the build you are making.  This was necessary since the stat formulas have been changed for high ranking players.  There may be a few kinks with them still, but I'll get those worked out this week.

Here is an example of a RR 100 Knight of the Blazing Sun using Warpforged and Sovereign.  The resistances are a little low, but I am using three rank 80 items.

It should be an exciting week for WAR.  Thursday cannot get here fast enough!