Thursday, November 18, 2010

1.4 launches today

The wait is over, WAR's 1.4 update goes live today!  It has been a while since we had a patch of this magnitude, so I am enjoying the anticipation.  With a patch comes downtime.  I'm not sure any major patch goes as planned, so we may be waiting a while to check it out.  Here is some stuff to do to help pass the time.

First a couple of important pieces of information.

  • Mythic hopes to have the servers back up by 12:30 PM EST/18.30 CET.
  • The RvR Packs should be on sale at the EA Store around 12:00 PM EST. 
Last night, Mythic held a Q&A (live via video).  I tuned in on my mobile phone and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Andy, Carrie and a few of the developers were taking questions from players.  It went on for at least an hour and was a lot of fun.

For a recap of what was talked about, see this thread

From the Herald:
Some videos:
Important 1.4 threads:
Hope that helps keep you busy. Is it 12:30 yet?