Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tirew in 1.4

With the release of Warhammer Online's 1.4 patch, I decided to retool my RR70 Engineer, Tirew.  The career itself did not see major changes, but with the new renown system came a free respec.  So how has 1.4 affected my Engineer?

The big Engineer change was the addition of Improvised Upgrades.  When near my deployed turret, I will get a 20% damage increase.  It actually builds up to that and will decay if you move too far away.  So far, I really am not too impressed with it.  That topic deserves its own post though.

With the RvR Personality Pack came access to new dyes.  As you can see above, I went with Desert Yellow and Calthan Brown.  I just could not find a way to make many of the other new colors work for me.  They were just too bright for my tastes, and the new black was too dark.

I also switched my Mastery spec to this one. Before 1.4, I had been playing around with a high-crit Rifle based spec.  Now I am back to a Grenade spec with Bugmans Best thrown in for some healing renown.  It is just really hard to make a case for the Rifle tree since Physical damage is a lot more mitigated than Corporeal. 

On to my Gear and Renown loadout!  The build in the prior link matches my paper doll, except for the +160 Ballistic Skill tactic.  My equipment has remained mostly the same, except the addition of the .  I still have a while to go before I can use Sovereign.

I did pick up the new renown ability: Efficiency II.  When fired, this ability gives me 15 seconds of free casts (0 AP).  I really like to pop this, then Unshakable Focus (+100% damage for 10 seconds) and then just do as much damage as I can.  It works well for the most part.  I also picked up Futile Strikes 2, which lowers my chance to be critically hit down to around 0% (Not showing correctly on the Depot).

I'm still having fun with him, and the new renown gains are really helping me catch up.