Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arsenal Updates

The Arsenal of WAR is coming along.  With all the PTS action of late, my time to devote to it has shrunk a little.  I did manage to add a few new features, which I hope the community will find useful.  Read on for more details.

Diminishing Returns.  Most Warhammer Online stats use a softcap and a hard cap.  When a stat goes beyond the softcap, it will take more stats to make progress.  The hardcap is as high as a stat can go.  The Item Depot will now respect these caps and modify stats as required.  You will see a familiar orange when passed the softcap and red if you have reached the hardcap.

3D Previews.  Ever want to see what the model of your weapon looks like?  With the 3D previews you can see an item from all sides.  The front page of the Arsenal will now list the latest items with previews.  Check out this shield for an example.

Tags.  One drawback of the Arsenal is that it does not really give much context about where an item came from.  With the new tag system, users can help group up items.  It's easy to do, just go view an item and you'll see a dropdown box.  Once the correct tag is selected, click the 'Tag it!' link.

There are only a few Tags available at the moment.  If you have an idea for a tag just let me know.  Here is an example of some of the Weapons available for Order in Stage 2 of the city siege.