Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RvR Packs

Last week, Mythic announced the details of the RvR Packs which will be available with the 1.4 patch: The Verminous Horde.  Am I the only one who thinks of Vermicious Knids when I read that?  The article pretty much outlines what we can expect with the RvR Packs and how much they will cost.

The biggest news for me was the announcement of the price.  There will be two packs released, down from three.  A single pack with cost $10 (usd) or you can buy both for $15.  That is actually half as much as I was expecting.

As I mentioned, there will be two packs for sale.  One is the Progression Pack.  It gives you accesses to Renown Ranks 81 - 100.  Of course, you still have to earn the renown.  With access to higher ranks, you will also be able to wear the new armor sets.  You will also be able to use the new scenario weapons.

Another piece of the Progression Pack is accelerated renown leveling.  Players will purchase the pack will move through the first 80 renown levels faster.  This is one feature I'm not sure about.  Part of me would like to see this included in the 1.4 patch rather than in a paid RvR Pack.  All players really need to get within the same 'power window.'

On the downside, without it the Progression Pack is really only needed by RR80 players to start with.  Most other players would just buy it if and when they reach the old level cap.  Still, it would certainly make the pack feel optional to sub-80 players rather then required.

The other pack is focused on Personality.  With it you get character appearance changing tokens for use at the Barber Surgeon, several vanity pets, access to special dyes and a new mount.  like the Progression Pack, this is all account wide.

The most attractive part of the Personality Pack is the new mount.  It is on par with the Imperial Griffin and Enslaved Manticore (70% speed).  It is not the best mount through, that will be the Heavy Mounts (75%) which cost Royal Crests.  I am looking forward to the mount, since I am not a fan of the huge Griffins.

The only piece of information we don't know is when we will see all of this.  My uninformed guess is at the end of November or early December.  It seems WAR just cannot escape WoW and will release close to Cataclysm.  Unlike launch, I don't think much of the current playerbase really cares.  In any case, I can't wait for 1.4 to get here.