Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Wish for Mythic

Overall I am pretty happy with WAR. I have fun when I play, and that is all I really ask from a game. While things are looking very nice for the future (Land of the Dead), not everything is going well. At least on Badlands, the lower tiers seem pretty deserted.

Two of WAR's best features are class variety and the ability to level by PvP. Without enough players in the lower tiers, leveling by PvP becomes impossible. I really have no desire to do PvE on my alt when there is RvR action to be had on my 40 character. As a result, I am missing out on all of that class variety.

With the Land of the Dead approaching, I really want to get an alt to at least Rank 25. At that rank, you'll be able to venture to the new zone. It will likely be very popular and much leveling will be had.

My wish is that I be able to roll a Rank 32 / RR 0 character from the get go. All the action is in Tier 4 and that is where I want to be. Give me gray items and 0 renown... I'll build it up. It's ok if this is a one time thing too, I won't complain :)

As an alternative, since my wish is not likely to come true, maybe we could have some lower tier events? Offer bonus xp/renown in just a lower tier for a weekend. Anything to get some life down there. This may draw people from Tier 4, but only for a day or two.


These Problem we had here with the Server Huss in EU. Solved by closing the server...

most guild members have alts in the lower teirs. perhaps a gunbad run?

I do agree that the low teir is pretty dead tho. Wandering the rvr lake for solo kills can be interesting in short bursts. Theres always somebody doing the scout quest.

This is the issue that I have with thinking about going back to WAR. I have a 38 or so RunePriest, but I also want to level a character for doing actual damage. Sadly, it would seem to be a mostly PvE grind and I"m not sure I want to do that again in WAR.

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