Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Return of Reikland Factory

Just saw an interview with Mark Davis (Live Events) over at Massively. It covered a lot of what we have heard before, but did have some new information about May's (early June) event:

"There will be many ways to gain points in the event, like, for example, the Reikland Factory scenario that will be producing airships for Order."

Reikland Factory was a pretty popular scenario when it came out for the Heavy Metal event. Glad to see it making a return, especially in a way that fits the event.

Another tidbit dropped was that the there will be a special city PQ.

"These public quests will be different, as during their phase II there will be a possibility of a "panic" stage starting, where some randomized event will occur and players will have to help solve the problem quickly."

A less static PQ experience? Count me in.

Rise of the Tomb Kings is shaping up to be an exciting event, especially considering what is at stake. Just add in a RvR PQ (involving player kills and a boss) and I think we'll have a serious winner on our hands.


Yes yes yes yes YES! Less static PQ's might be the solution.

I'm stoked about Reikland Factory too.

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