Friday, May 29, 2009

Phase 2 on PTS

Land of the Dead Testing Phase 2 is up on the PTS. Ranged DPS changes are now in, as is the expedition resource collection for the Land of the Dead. It isn't clear if we can access the new zone yet, doesn't seem so as they would have mentioned it. Also, they will be giving mount rewards to random testers.


By my Pappy's Beard. LOL Frickin Dwarfs!

I am still curious to see how the access works for both factions on a one-sided dominated server.

The resource points are collected from killing players, and locking zones.

Lets use the low population Magnus server as an example. Rarely does Order ever lock a zone. Initially Destruction has access to LotD. Do you think once they receive access you will find one player to kill in the rvr lakes? If Order can never take a zone in the first place how are they ever going to collect enough resources? There probably will still be ninja crews to take a bo in the last minute to keep a zone from locking. Unfortunately on Magnus Zone Domination is the only way zones lock so a small crew can keep their faction in LotD forever almost.

I see this mechanic only working for Dark Crag because of the higher population, but on the servers that are almost dead this expansion will be a nightmare, and more players will /ragequit when they can't ever get in to access the new content.

Well it probably means that Order will have their bar set very low, in the example for Magnus server. So that it will not require a lot of killing.

Do the kills from scenarios count, I would assume so?

Range DPS changes are in on the PTS, other than those for the SH/SW.

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