Friday, May 8, 2009

Tomb Kings Trailer - Video

Just watched the G4 XPlay segment for the Land of the Dead. I thought it was awesome. They have it online, so check it out yourself.

EDIT: Video #2 can be found here.

What did you think?

If the above didn't work, you can find it here.


By the gods... that one scene with that sand swarm that kept on expanding looks like a bitch to deal with.... The dungeon looks awesome though 8O

This is why I still play the game...I can't wait.

It definitely looks interesting, love how they're trying to add some action elements to it such as avoiding things and interacting more with the environment..

would love to see some of that type of stuff added into keep and fortress sieges in the future

Mythic does have some good ideas and I'm glad to see them finally getting around to them. Its saddening that it took so long. Zones like this at launch could have easily planted Warhammer as a contender in the MMO space, but instead we got RvR deserts (err lakes), impossibly lagged out fortress battles, and buggy city sieges. I'm still skeptical that Mythic's servers can handle the Land of the Dead.

@Heartless_: I'm with you on the server issue. It looks awesome, but can it handle that + 50 players (more likely)? I'm not very confident.

Imagine a few warbands trying to go through the corridor with the pendulum axes - hilarity will ensue!

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