Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life begins at 40

I was thinking about a new PvP centric ruleset for WAR. All characters start out at rank 40 and renown rank 0. There are no Tiers 1 - 3, only Tier 4. Equipment pretty much stays the same, limited by renown rank. Abilities would now have restrictions on them based on renown. So when you start the game you would have a basic set of abilities and earn the rest through renown.

When you create a character, you are immediately in the thick of the fight. No empty lower tiers, just everyone in tier 4. This would be extremely alt friendly, as you'll always be able to play with people. Sure, you'll lack a full set of skills and the advanced equipment. I think the fact you'll be back in the fight more than compensates.

This pretty much leaves out most of the games PvE, but for those of us who don't want to PvE I think it would be a lot of fun. Would you play on a server with that ruleset?


Instead of 40, can we make it 30, and remove the levels after?

All in all, you mean "it would be great if Hit points and mana did not grow as I level", no?

I'd prefer a feature to allow players with a level 40 toon be able to create a new character starting a rank 40 rr 0. Leave the rest of the rule set as is.

A long time ago in DAOC, Mythic implemented a level 20 command, if you had a level 50 character. It made the lower levels a ghostland. If I remember correctly, it was referred to as one of the biggest mistakes they made.

So I don't think that they will do that again. Remember what impression it gives for newly subscribed players if the lower tiers were even more devoid than they are now ?

I'm one of those middle road people who actually likes all the different facets to WAR. I like the PvE, scenarios, and the RvR. They all have their place in the game.

Even though WAR is technically a PvP game ... there are times I want to play but don't want to do RvR.

On Iron Rock the RvR is plenty prevalent in all tiers. Some night are more hopping than others but it's rare I can't get sucked into some decent battles in one of the zones.

All I really want to do in this game is play Tier 4 RvR. I don't want to have to level 28 times just to do that on every alt. I don't mind working my way up through renown, because I'm doing what I find fun.

The existence of the lower tiers pretty much preclude starting at a higher level. Seems like it is really all or nothing.

I would never say change the whole game... this is just my ideal ruleset at this moment :)

Actually I think in DAOC it was /level and it made you level 30, not 20. It did ruin the fun in BG1, and stuff. That was my favorite place for my hunter alts, but only if we were defending.

If you instantly make everyone rank 40 it would make the game a FPS. Everyone would be equal for the most part.

Also on DC if you were in T4 with RR0, you would be obliterated with all the geared/ high rr players. You would cry yourself to sleep at night because you wouldn't be able to earn renown because you would always be dead.

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