Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Success at Nordenwatch

Over the weekend, Mythic surprised us with a mini Live Event, Struggle for Nordenwatch. It wasn't very complicated, they opened up a tier 1 scenario for everyone, gave it +10% Experience and Renown and added a task list with a Title reward. It could not have been too much work on their part, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I did manage to complete all of the tasks and become the Master of Nordenwatch. At first I thought that completing 20 scenarios was not going to be doable. On Sunday though, the scenarios started to pop pretty fast and I completed them. Overall I made some good Renown and got some tokens.

Ever since hitting 40, I have pretty much avoided scenarios except when needed to lock a zone. Now that we have zone domination, I never queue up. This weekend, I played a lot more WAR than planned and most of the time in Nordenwatch. The scenario itself is fun at 40 and the renown was very nice.

I think that it is safe to assume we will see more events like this in the future. Personally, I'd like to see something like this once a month, maybe even more frequently. They don't have to give us a task list each time, just a +XP/Renown bonus would get me to queue up and the fact it is a scenario I have not played in a while.

Alternatively, they could give us a task list. It should be expanded upon so it will take several weekends of that scenario to accomplish. Since it takes so long, a nice reward should be at the end of it, not just a title. I'm not sure if players have the patience to complete an event which may take half a year.

These kind of mini events will be crucial to WAR's success. They add variety to an otherwise static experience. I know what many people are thinking out there, Tor Anroc as a 40? I say bring it on (not just because I'm a punter), it'll be fun to see what it is like at 40. Besides, it's only for a weekend.


I had a great time in Nordenwatch this weekend. I did a write up on my blog about the live event also since it was so much fun.

I wasn't able to play much of the Nordenwatch because of being sick and having classes. :( I played about 5 matches though and loved it in the T2 bracket.

As long as we don't see a "Tor Anroc Weekend" I'll be okay.

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