Friday, May 22, 2009

Upgrade those upgrades

I think that the keep system has been a success so far. While keeps are still mostly the same, they are a tad less static now. You do need to consider the upgraded door strength and those Champion guards can be a real pain. As for the rest of the upgrades, I don't really see or notice their presence too much. So what else can we do with keep upgrades?

Wall Guards. Hire some guards to man the other wall. They can provide range fire and help you out against those pesky intruders.

Snare Ritualist. Right now, people just run by the first floor guards. Maybe the ritualist guards could also have an AoE slow so that they are likely to be dealt with.

Promotion. Upgrade your Keep Lord and his guards.

Siege Upgrade. All siege pads are upgraded to provide a damage bonus.

Pride. A Tier wide buff can be purchased for the guild. For example, a 10% Strength bonus to any guild member in Tier 4.

Flight Master. Guild members can fly directly to the keep.

What are your ideas for new keep upgrades?


I think they're terrific ideas. I even think there should be spin offson the Pride idea, like say 10% more renown when defending your guild's keep, etc.

All good ideas except for a Flight Master. If it were that easy to get to a keep to defend, no one would ever take a keep again.

I've held off two warbands with half a warband in the right keep. If defenders can get entrenched and have that many folks easily arrive, keeps will become impossible to take.

I like a challenge but defenders already have an advantage.

i want to see moving towers for seigers to scale the walls.. would need to have a cooldown and a number limit to people that could enter/use it

@Krosuss: Its all relative I guess. On Badlands, Order is often just overrun by melee and must seek refuge. Also, even when the sides are pretty even they nearly always get to at least the inner keep.

There are also many times I'd like to defend a keep, but it is just swamped with the enemy and I have no chance, unless I afk inside the keep and wait.

If it is kept guild-only, it would limit the numbers but also provide a real incentive to take a keep. Certain maps Id love to get a flight point other than the warcamp.

Disagree to snare, for the simple reason that there are something like that in 1.2 PTS, and the response is overwhelmingly negative, so much so that that item is removed from the patch.

Others are nice ideas though.

Coat of paint.
Guild logo painted on the door. Other purely cosmetic junk like more flags, prettier castle.

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