Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Engineer Build

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was trying out a new Engineer build. My previous one was pretty much a full Grenadier build (looked like this). This is an effective build, especially for defensive situations. There is much debate about the Rank 4 Morale, but I liked it. The 150 foot range made it very attractive.

Since I had been playing that build for so long, it started to get a bit stale. I needed to shake things up a bit. The tinkerer tree really didn't offer anything of interest. Electromagnet is not very useful in a keep defense, so I looked at the Rifleman (shouldn't it be Rifledwarf?) tree.

In the end I came up with this build. It features Snipe and Napalm. It's hard to live without Napalm... as it really is a nice skill. So the new build had to have it. Of course going that high in the Grenadier tree really limits what I can do. Luckily, Snipe was reachable.

Snipe is a really fun skill. First of all, it has a 150ft range, which is sweet. I can hit people from relative safety. Of course I don't have any other skills at that range, so I may not be able to finish them off without getting closer. Works very nice as an opener and a finisher.

Secondly, when you combine it with Unshakable Focus (T2 Morale), you get get some pretty huge numbers. Hitting a Sorc for close to 3k damage feels pretty good, especially in the back as they run away.

To get Snipe, I really only had to give up Sticky Bomb and Extra Powder. I have not noticed the lower AoE, so I may never add Extra powder back in. As for Sticky Bomb, it really is just another DoT which I'm not missing much either.

I am about a rank from getting another mastery point, so I need to figure out where to put it. I may go for Crack-Shot, although I don't like its 2 second cast time. Sticky Bomb may yet be back on my hotbar.

During my playtime yesterday, I noticed something interesting. I was defending a keep which had the +15% armor standard. There was also a WP with prayer of Absolution going, check out my armor:

As cool as 99.3% is, it really doesn't help me all that much. Most of the damage I am dealt is of the magic variety.


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