Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WAR rages in Reikland

Yesterday was a great afternoon of WAR. Upon logging in, I saw that Destro was pushing Stonewatch. Estimates had them at 3 warbands. Order rallied at the fortress with approximately 2 warbands. And we waited. The attack never came. Instead we received word that they were attacking the North keep in Reikland.

Since there was 50 minutes left on Stonewatch, we decided to meet the enemy head on in Reikland. When we arrived, they were on the inner keep door. An epic battle ensued. We were able to drive them from the keep, but they launched several more assaults. It was non-stop action for at least 40 minutes.

The renown was flowing like cheap Dwarven ale. I got a defense tick from the keep for around 1,500 alone. I even had a chance at some Warlord Engy gear, but lost the roll.

As the action was dying down, we headed back to Stonewatch for the capture. Soon after, Destruction was sighted in Thunder Mountain so we pursued. We were too late to save our keep, so we hid out and waited for them to leave. Once they left, we began our assault. Time was important due to keep upgrades.

We managed to take the keep before too many defenders arrived. Next up was the central keep. By this time, Destruction was back to defend. We eventually made our way inside the inner keep, but their defense was just too strong. The outer doors came up and we were trapped. This seemed like a good time to get going, so I hopped over the wall and made a break for it. I didn't make it far :)

Part of the fun was my new Engineer build... which I will be posting about tomorrow. A change in spec is a nice way to shake things up. I had a great time and can't wait to login this afternoon.


Badlands seems like the next server to bite the dust. It is nice to see even with the low pop you guys are still getting to forts and stuff, and having fun battles. Personally I would like to see about 3-5 more servers purge, but with the expansion coming it may be too early to do it yet.

Badlands is pretty active. This all went down during the afternoon (est) and nights are even better. The lower tiers are pretty much dead though.

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