Monday, May 18, 2009


Mythic, what's the deal? You are making tremendous strides with the game but leave so many frustrating bugs. While many of these bugs are not game breaking, they do cause the player problems and lessen the fun of the game.

Yesterday I took part in a fortress defense. We were doing very well and held of a couple of very near captures. Then with about 10 minutes left, I get disconnected. Of course I end up back in Reikland and my spot has been filled. So when the defense is over, I get nothing except the shaft. 50 minutes of lag well spent I'd say.

Developers have said they know about this problem, many times. It has been months since this fortress cap system has been put in yet there has been no fix. Is this some programming problem that takes months to fix? I doubt it. Are the developers short handed and busy working on other things? that seems much more likely.

This whole population cap system was a stop-gap measure but has somehow become the standard. It was rushed to be put in to stop the crashes and not very well thought out. If you know its a problem, why hasn't it been fixed?

Why are enemy NPC's still spawning inside controlled keeps? More specifically, it is the 'keep upgrade' npc's that don't despawn. This has been a problem for a few weeks now... but has not been fixed. On the surface, it doesn't seem very complicated, just make them de-spawn on keep capture. It is pretty annoying getting killed by champion npc's inside your own keep.

Ever since 1.2.1, my connection has been awful. I get disconnected , on average, probably once an hour. I'm not sure I can fully blame this one on Mythic... but it is strange it started around when 1.2.1 came out.

Capturing keeps with melee using Pick Lock has become very common place. Mythic even has a fix for it, a keep upgrade called Deadbolt. Why not put that in the game now? 1.3 won't be out for weeks, so you are going to let players (non mdps and defense) suffer until then?

It is great that the Land of the Dead is coming out. However, leaving these (and others) obvious issues in the game is just not acceptable. I am pretty optimistic about WAR and am usually pretty happy but come on Mythic. These issues need fixing as soon as possible.


Werit if your getting disconnected it is probably your add ons. Try to delete them and reinstal them. This happened to me with a patch and was very frustating but redoing my add ons fixed the issue.

Imo Mythic should get back to the more often patches they had shortly after release. Small bug-fixes should not depend on big content patches.
Same goes for other stuff,i.e Career balance is independent of LotD.

I used to get disconnected all the time; I doubled my RAM to 2GB (running XP) and the disconnects went away.

@Ironclad: Thanks, sadly I am already about close to 4 gig of RAM.

I understand your frustrations. It started a huge fight on our server, and pretty much left me so angry I went back to Dark Crag. The whole MDPS ninjaing keeps blows. On Magnus most of the time the WB leader would expect everyone to go their and stand around while 5 people contributed. After a few call outs on the forums about failed leadership it was time for me to move servers again.

I also feel your disconnect problems. I bought an XPS Gaming machine with the newest/greatest processor, os, vid card, and I was disconnecting in every keep/fort defense. It would be so frustrating because getting back is nearly impossible.

At the same time I switched to Comcast internet, and the patch came out so finding the problem was almost impossible. Luckily it doesn't really happen now, but I really don't know if it was something I fixed, or something Mythic did.

I did all the following steps.

Full file check

Reinstall all addons

Upgrade video drivers

Upgrade network card drivers

Buy a new ethernet cord

Upgrade direct x

lower vid card settings to performance

Cuss out my computer

cuss out comcast

cuss out mythic

I have an ATI card and my CTD's were fixed by using RivaTuner to overclock it (stopping it trying to go into low power mode in periods of lag and thus crashing).

I also wish they could patch in deadbolts but the technical reality is probably that if they split 1.3 into lots of parts that more bugs will be introduced than would otherwise be the case.

Heres hoping the live event distracts me :)

I completely agree with the problem of bugs in game. I dream of the day one of the top people in Mythic (possibly Mark?) cross-posting around saying "we know our product have tons of bugs, we are going to keep rolling out bug fixes for a time. We won't pool everything in a giant patch. We won't push something out and have it break again. We won't fix problems will a sledgehammer. We are going to give you fixes as fast as our team and churn out, and set up a list so that you, our players, can check our progress, and give specific feedback."

Oh well, we can all dream :)

With your disconnects, have you looked at network packet loss?

Have you run pingplotter on your connection to the Mythic servers, it may be worth looking to see if you are getting high pings every so often.

Also run your CPU monitor to see if you are getting high spikes in CPU usage?

Are you running any additional applications which could be going to the internet and spiking the network traffic?

Good luck.

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