Friday, May 15, 2009

WAR Changes Incoming + PTS

Thursday was quite a day for WAR. It started off with a hotfix that adjusted token prices. Some items had their prices raised, but many had them lowered. For example, I was able to buy my Conqueror Belt for only 80 Officer Medallions and 3 Conqueror Crests. I forget what it was prior... but it certainly wasn't that cheap. Most of the Conqueror stuff was lowered by a good amount.

If that wasn't enough, Mythic dropped the 1.3 Patch Notes on us, check them out. They are pretty massive, so it should eat up a good chunk of your work day to read them. Here are some notable changes:

  • Land of the Dead. Enough said.
  • Sigil System. The ward system is dead, long live Sigil's!
  • Class changes. AoE power lowered across the board.
  • Healing changes. Should address WP/DoK healing.
  • Crafting backpacks. More space for crafters.
  • Deadbolt. New keep upgrade that lets you lock the inner keep's postern door. No more keep ninja's.
  • New Siege Weapons. Better and more varied, sounds good.
  • More quests that reward tokens.
  • Better rewards for taking higher ranked keeps.
  • Pass on PQ roll added.
  • Auto Roll on loot (i.e. tokens).
Those are just some of the nice things in 1.3. I likely missed a bunch of others, so check out the patch notes.

1.3 is on PTS too, so get on there and have fun (test). The Land of the Dead is not included yet, but the rest is.


I think we WPs took a bit of hit in this patch, the healing changes are a welcome as we're not supposed to be spamming group heals from the back row.
I'm not too thrilled about the change to divine strike, don't want us to heal in the back line, then why hurt our number one front line healing ability? Will have to see the overall impact, hopefully negligible.

All I can say Mythic must be reading our blogs about all the things that piss us off on a daily basis.

Land of the dead-can't wait, but I still have my doubts it will work. I think it will be promoting RvDoor.

Nice to see the AOE fixes, but is it fixed correctly? I understand BW's shouldn't be able to do more dmg with an AOE than a DD spell. I hope they buff up our single target cause with the spell casting on fireball you may as well go eat dinner before it casts.

I love the non stop healing from AOE, but everyone knows it made healers ezmode.

Deadbolt came faster than I thought. I knew Mythic didn't like people bypassing upgraded keeps, and healers on the outside of keeps healing people on the inner keep.

A little upset I jumped the gun on buying my invader gear. I would of liked to see a reimbursement. I could of bought a few extra pieces with my Royal crest.

I want a troll to hurl boulders at keeps to follow me around everywhere.

Not in real life.

You got a problem? This is my Troll buddy, George!

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