Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zone Locking in Open RvR

One idea that is being floated around the forums a lot lately is the idea that zone locking should be done based on fighting in the RvR lakes exclusively. You can read a full explanation of zone locking here. Here is the quick summary:

"In order to control a zone, players also need to win Scenarios associated with that zone, do quests, and kill players in that zone. Zone Control is all about total dominance in everything involved with a Zone. You must push on all fronts!"

The primary reason players want this system changed is that they don't want to be held up by the non-pvp aspects of the system. The opposing realm, in order to prevent zone locking could 'boycott' RvR lakes of the zone and just concentrate on PvE. Mythic has addressed the not queuing for scenario issue. I think that overall it is a valid concern.

I do not think that having Zone Locking be decided by Keeps and Objectives is a good idea either.

  • Mythic sold this game with the premise that RvR = PvP + PvE. It is one of the unique aspects of the game, everyone can help their realm reach the final goal.
  • Open RvR is very population sensitive. This system would benefit the more populated realm. The more success that realm has, the bigger the disparity will get.
  • Two Warbands, in T4, can capture all the keeps and objectives of a zone in under 10 minutes when lightly defended. That is extremely quick when zone locking is at stake. There would need to be changes to keeps in order for this system to be viable.
Would such a system increase activity in the RvR areas? Most likely. The idea should be considered but PvE players can not be left out, population balance needs to be considered and keeps need to be more difficult.


The problem is there isn't much war in WAR, and thats the selling point. I think in T4 they should get rid of scenarios all together. Thats my humble opinion.

I haven't been following the issue closely, but what I'd like to see for zone locking is some numbers. If I do a PvE quest, I'd like to know I earned 27 Zone Points for my side. The way it is now, it's all about faith...I have no faith. :)

@way: The last few days on badlands have been nothing but war come evening. I like scenarios, it is actually a playing field where numbers (usually) are not a problem.

@pete: I agree, need more feedback on how I am helping my realm.

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