Monday, December 1, 2008

Leeches are abundant

I don't know whether it is the Badlands server or just Tier 4 in general, but XP/Renown leeches are much more common. These are the guys who go solo in the scenarios, so they don't have to share any XP or Renown with a group. It is usually two types of characters, DPS or a Healer. When their leeching is pointed out, they have two general responses:

DPS: I am doing all the damage, I deserve it. Just don't heal me then.

Healer: I am doing a lot of healing, I deserve it. Don't you want heals?

Both arguments don't really work or make any sense. Playing solo would only be legitimate if you could do as well if you were fighting the entire opposing team alone. Oh, you couldn't because everyone would be attacking you? Well I guess your teammates are doing something then aren't they?

By playing solo, you do not get any of the group buffs and healers in the parties will be less likely to heal you. This makes the entire team weaker. I know team is a hard concept to understand for some people. Losing the scenario gives the opposition Victory Points, weakening the realm. None of that really matters, so long as they get their renown or xp. Just another example of people who are not playing the game.

Mythic is to blame here as well. They have not said anything about changing the grouping in scenarios (Have they?). In fact, it seems like they planned this as a feature as there is a View Solo Players button. I am not sure why Mythic would want to encourage such behavior, as it is not good for the game.


It's probably T4. There were plenty of leeches on Averheim as well.

The problem is the way renown is given, especially to healers. I used to play a Rune Priest (stopped the game at R40/RR42).
Healing renown is divided to the entire party. i.e. If a heal yields 40Renown, each party member will get 8 Renown. This does not upscale/downscale with ranks.

Me, playing as a real healer, not as a wannable dps, ended up all scenarios with something like 300K Healed/1k dmg done. Add that to the fact that due to my high RR, I was getting 1 RP per party kill, I ended up with 300/400 RP per scenario (that we won ofc).

Being out of party netted 2k to 3k RP consistently.

So my option were:
1. Get out of party and heal solo.
2. Stop the game for 2-3 months until everyone catches up at RR42+.

I did some of the option 1 at the beginning, but finally went to option 2.

It is really annoying to play at the top of your game, keeping 12 people alive in a scenario, or solo healing an entire warband at a keep assault, and end up with lousy RP or a lousy random contribution.

@Dimitris: I understand what you mean, and Mythic does have some work to do.

My view is renown should not be the reason people are playing the scenarios. The end goal should be to win and contribute towards capturing the opposing capital city.

Sadly, the way Mythic has the game setup now, it does not promote that sort of game play.

Yes I understand you point of view. Unfortunately, at the time I left the game (a month ago) 98% of my RvR activity was Serpents Passage (not that I had any other options I was skipping). After 500 Serpent's Passage scenarios its damn hard to even visualize the end goal of capturing a capital city.

Dimitris, once you cap your level to 40 and start grinding your way to RR80, scenarios are not where you want to be. For the reasons you give, most serious renown grinders head towards open RVR instead where you can find the higher renown targets of opportunity.

It's like Mythic intended it by design or something.

I thought they patched something in to stop this a while back?

Scenarios...blah! Always an issue

Encouraging selfishness is a very dangerous thing to do in general, it usually backfires unless it somehow actually helps everyone's best interests. And even then there are better ways to do things.

It's as simple as there not being more party slots than the max number of players in scenarios. I dont know why this is hard to fix or why it hasn't been addressed. To me players that do it even when they have a just cause fall into the "two wrong don't make it right".

So Mythic needs to address how renoun is awarded but moving yourself solo to compensate still sets you apart and awards you possibly more than your fair share. When I'm stuck in groups where people have done that it's discouraging. If we're losing and I'm not getting healed for any of my efforts, I'm less in a hurry to race back to the frontlines of the fight. 1. not getting healed or support AND 2. Someone is getting disproportionate reward for this fiasco than the rest of us suffering through it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way when they notice, so now the overall morale and effort is affected by the experience. Is it really worth that to set yourself up as judge and jury that you deserve more? I don't do it even when I'm grouped with a bunch of idiots who won't listen to reason no matter how much to you try to help the team win.

The fact that it's still possible to do this sits squarely on Mythic's "oh how dumb is that" list" and "you mean you didnt catch that in BETA???"

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