Thursday, December 4, 2008

Werits Christmas List

I know many of you out there are wondering, "What did Werit ask for for Christmas?" Wait, Your not wondering that? Well maybe my list will give you some ideas on what to get that geek in your life.

Let's see, where to start. The PS3 I recently received was part Christmas gift from Mrs. Werit. So I needed some accessories to go with it:

  • Blu-Ray Remote: I use the PS3 to watch Blu-Ray DVD's for the most part, so a remote control would be nice than using the controller.
  • DualShock 3 Wireless Controller: The PS3 I received only came with a single controller. Sure could use a second in case someone else wants to play.
  • Resistance 2: The PS3 also plays games! I have heard good things about this one and the videos do look pretty cool. Seems like a solid first game.
I only had one item on my list for the X-Box 360 and that is Fable 2. A lot of people spoke very highly of this game when it came out. It is an rpg but has many sandbox elements. While I was not a big fan of the original Fable, I want to give this one a try.

Movies are another favorite of mine, and now that I have a Blu-ray player, I need more of them.
  • Heroes: Season 2: I am a season behind in Heroes so I must watch them on BR-DVD. I enjoyed the first season very much, hopefully the second season is as good.
  • Doctor Who: Season 2: I saw some of season two, but was unable to see the whole thing.
  • Doctor Who: Season 3: May as well get season three at the same time. I like Sci-Fi.
  • Dark City: I have only seen this movie once and I have really wanted to watch it again. It should looks great on Blu-Ray and has an interesting story too.
I have not forgotten you, PC. There is only one game I want this year and that is Colonization. I played this game a lot when it was originally released by MicroProse. Now it is back using the Civ 4 engine, how can I resist?

I think I have been a pretty good boy, and hopefully Santa has noticed. Not mentioned here are the plethora of clothes I will actually receive.


I was also not a big fan of Fable, but I really enjoyed Fable 2. I think this is a wise addition to your Christmas list!

The last few Doctor Who seasons were good fun. But Heroes Season Two was awful and not worth owning.

Doctor Who, I'm old school Jon Pertwee, or Tom Baker...thats it.

But he needs Season 2 of Heroes so he can enjoy Season 3, which is awesome.

Hard to believe Season 2 could be that bad as Season 1 was so good. Guess I will find out soon enough.

Season 2 of Heroes isn't THAT bad. Main problem was the writers strike - the story was cut shorter than I would of liked. Still, Heroes 3 sort of rectrifies the situation quite nicely.

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You are my Hero. I'm giving myself a PS3 for Xmas as soon as I get some xmas money. lol My main reason for the purchase is the Blu Ray and plan to spend my money wisely when purchasing said movie upgrades.

My first game will be Little Big Planet, which I've played but haven't given a review on my blog site yet, but the game is freakin awesome. Rent it, I'm sure you will love it as much as I did. The controls are a little wonky, but the game is soo great, you'll over look that, especially if you play it with another person.

Anyway, gratz on the early present.

Oh and don't be in a hurry to get Dark city on blu ray. There are a few issues with the original, like a scene where you can actually see the mic boom in the shot, that might become annoying once you see it in blu ray. I would suggest getting Dark Knight or any of the new sci fi movies coming out. I even heard that Patton is a good Blu ray transfer.

@Oak: Don't worry, Dark Knight and WALL-E are already ordered ;)

I love Patton, what a great movie. never thought about getting it on BR. I may have to now.

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