Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Question: WAR 1.10a

Yesterday saw the release of the much anticipated 1.10a patch for Warhammer Online. You can read about it here, here and here. So my question to you is:

Q: Now that patch 1.10a is live, what do you think about it?

Personally, I am actually disappointed. Not in the content of the patch but in the implementation. This version feels much buggier than the previous.

  • CTD's in the previous months: 0. CTD's last night: 2
  • Players going invisible has gotten much worse. It used to be just large fight, now it happens all the time even when just standing in a warcamp.
  • Buff icons (and the warband windows) like to sometimes stick around. Don't you want to go home?
  • I get a white wipe over my action bars when the global cooldown (GCD) is over.
  • Death seems to be a tad delayed now. I was running around for maybe 10 seconds with the respawn notification on my screen.
I appreciate that Mythic wants to get content out to the players quickly, but it seems like it could use a little more time in Q&A. The first 2 bugs I listed are the important ones, the latter 3 are just mildly annoying. This patch just feels rushed and unpolished. More on the actual content in another post.

Edit: Mythic did release an update late last night. I will not be able to check it out until tonight, so the problems above existed when I logged off last night.


Not that I find it acceptable that each patch Mythic puts out basically breaks their game for hours or days, but I just avoid logging into WAR for at least a day or two after a patch to save myself the frustration.

There's much less frustration that way.

The White Wipe is actually there for a reason. It shows you that AP will start regenerating. If you wait til you see the white wipe before casting your next spell you'll get a bit of AP. You can basically chain cast and never run out of AP if you time this well enough.

@anon: Really? That is great info, thanks! Was this documented somewhere and I completely missed it?

It's always a balancing act, I guess. Get the new stuff out there fast enough to keep the player-base from getting antsy, but not so fast that bugs slip through...

I originally read about this here

The latest patch has just changed the graphic to make it more noticeable.

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