Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Murlocs and Torture

Over the weekend I did get some time for WoW. After my bad experience, I had a pretty good time. This time I was off to the Amber Lodge to relay thanks from a fortunate soul they saved. It seems to be occupied by the Kirin Tor, whom you get reputation with for doing quests.

There were a couple of interesting quests. One, I had to rescue Archmage Evandor, this involved riding some Drakes, which was neat. The Drakes were given by Surristraz, a rather large dragon.

The second quest was a bit surprising. I had to 'persuade' a captured prisoner to give me the location of the previously mentioned Archmage. It seems the Kirin Tor are prevented from using Torture, so they have a 3rd party (i.e. me) do it for them. To accomplish this they gave me a nice little device. Of course, the prisoner would not talk right away, so I had to use it several times.

In the end, everyone talks and he was no exception. I gave him a few more shots just to make sure he was not holding back (he did have different responses). The poor guy asked me to kill him instead... sadly it would not let me as I would have been more than happy to oblige. This is just a game, so that is all i will say about the quest.

One of the mages at the Lodge asked me to go take some readings in a cave to the North, where I came upon a Murloc village of Winterfin. I know you were hoping for some Murloc torture, who isn't?

One of those crazy D.E.H.T.A hippies has dressed up like a Murloc and became their leader. There are various quests here, one even has you dress up like a Murloc. Another one lets you have a train of baby Murlocs following you around. You also gain access to a clam vendor, which barters some useful goods for winterfin clams.


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