Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Werit the Lightweight

You wish... a Dwarf lightweight, can you imagine? I wouldn't be able to show myself again in the pub. In this case, I am referring to WARs holiday event, Kegs End. Much like my fellow engineer Syp, I just am not enjoying this live event. I probably put in 5-10 hours a week in WAR and I just can't do it.

I spend all of my time doing RvR in scenarios and out in the lakes. I have barely scratched most of the quests. My influence bar is not even at the basic reward. I *might* be able to get that reward (a title) by January 5th. If I don't, oh well. The backpack is nice, but I will not go farm mobs just to get it. The influence rewards are just meh too. The Elite reward only has 15 uses... bleh.

I think this was just Mythic experimenting with content. Heavy Metal was very easy, this seems to be on the opposite side of the spectrum. I think the holiday content should fall in the middle. If Kegs End had half the requirements, I would likely take time out of my busy schedule giving Destruction their comeupins in order to complete them.

I wonder if there is a WAR equivalent to Valentines Day? If there is, I imagine it is particularly disturbing. Hopefully whatever the next event is, is not as time consuming as Kegs End.


I'm not impressed by this event either. Some people complained about "fluffy" requirements for Heavy Metal, but I had a lot more fun doing those than I've had killing explosive snotlings...

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