Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fable 2, surprisingly good

I was not a big fan of the original Fable, so I was a bit nervous about asking for Fable 2 as a Christmas gift. With the help of other blogs, I managed to work up the confidence. So far, I am glad that I did. I have only put a few hours into Fable 2 so far, but I am really enjoying it.

After playing MMO's lately, a single player RPG is quite refreshing. Some notes:

  • Story is nice. I am a fan of a good tale of revenge.
  • Graphics are decent. Often times they do seem quite blurry to me, maybe my vision is going?
  • Combat is simple but fun. You really feel like you are laying down some smack on the fools.
  • The sandbox elements are great and do not feel tacked on at all. I am quite surprised at this, as I was not expecting to enjoy those aspects.
  • The dog works out well. I was skeptical about your companion, but it is actually a good game mechanic. No mini-map need, as the dog can provide the cue. Great idea.
  • The 'adult' elements feel quite unnecessary. This game feels like a kids (not little kids) game from the start with the Harry Potter type music. I'm not sure if there is more too it, but it feels like a gimmick.
  • The B button for Will powers is killing me with the townsfolk. B means cancel to me, so I try to use it to close the radial sometimes, but instead it activates a power and scares the townsfolk.
  • Yay for fast travel!
  • Trophies are pretty neat too.
Overall what I like about the game the most is that it is stress free. While I enjoyed Oblivion, it was almost too open. Fable is more on rails in comparison. Fallout 3 also seems much more stressful than Fable. That is not to say those games are bad, as that would be crazy... just different.

So Fable will be yet another drain on my MMO time, but only temporary as it has an end.


The controls are a bit wonky for me. I really enjoyed it the first couple of times I played it and I got pretty far, but I've just not been able to force myself to load the game back up, mostly because of the poor control over the emotion/mood/expression system in the game that lets you impress or frighten the villagers.

The controls for that, IMHO are just bad...everything else is great, but it just seemed that threw on that part right at the end to add a different element to the game. The adult theme is nice, but unless you want to have the goal of having multible wives or sleep with everyone in the city, male or female, it's more of a time waster and doesn't progress the game along much.

Also, remember to do a lot of the side stuff before going forward with the main story line. I would say more but it would ruin the overall story.

Over all, I am happy about being able to own businesses and have the game still keep track of your earnings even if your not logged in. I do want to get back in, just to see how much money I have since I've been away for 2 should be truck loads by now. lol

A great game, that could have been even better if they had fixed some of the controls.

Late to this post, but I LOVED this game.
My complaints were the issues with CO-OP not being worth a darn, and another issue after the game ends (which if you are still playing, I will not discuss yet)
It was one of the household favorite games (everyone, my wife and son and myself played) last year and the second best RPG I played (behind Witcher, which was MY all time favorite)

Cheers and enjoy

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