Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On this episode of Wings...

My 71 Protection Warrior made his way to Fizzcrank Airstrip, as he heard they needed some help. It is a pretty cool looking facility, even if it is crawling with Gnomes. Having watched Wings years ago, I was expecting a pretty hilarious time. TV you have fooled me again! Actually it isn't so bad, but there are a lot of quests out of this airstrip.

Some notes:

  • Did Lowell ever have to search through wolf poop? I did.
  • I searched through poop and dead bodies, dressed up like an Orc, was turned into a Gnome (ack!), spent time as Exxon, killed many robots, killed some innocent creatures for their spice packs, made D.E.H.T.A. mad and got involved in a soap opera evil twin plot.
  • I was disappointed that there were no bombing missions, we had an airstrip and planes!
  • I would love to have one of those planes as my flying mount.
  • Received the achievement: Explore Borean Tundra
  • Lots of vendored quest rewards.
Overall this area was just ok. No start or continuation of any story archs, which made it kind of bland. The quests themselves were not so bad, although those robots got pretty annoying. I did like the Ultrasonic Screwdriver quest, as you could get a few robot helpers.

When I was finished at the airstrip I had reached level 72. One thing I am not really liking is I have nothing fun to do at the class trainer. I'm not sure there is anything new to learn, only more advanced ranks of what I have. I now have 2 talent points to spend too. No idea what to use them on yet.

Next stop for me is Colderaa. This is where the Nexus is located and what I hope is a pretty decent storyline.


I wonder whatever happend to the chick from Wings she was cute.

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