Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dark Knight

This weekend I watched Dark Knight on Blu-Ray. I had never seen it in theaters but heard a lot of good things. I was a little worried that it would not live up to the hype, but thankfully it did. This was probably one of the best movies I have seen this year, which is saying something as it has been a good year for movies.

The picture and sound were top notch. Although for movies like this, I wish I had a projector and a 100" screen. Ah well, the next iteration of my TV area will have one. Sadly, that day is years off. On the bright side, the projectors will be very nice and even more affordable by that time.

*** Spoiler Warning ***

Some random thoughts:

  • Batman's voice seems a lot more horse than in the first movie.
  • That banker keeps a shotgun in his desk... nice.
  • The joker character was very well done. I liked Nicholson's version and I think this was just as good.
  • Good to see Zeus and Anthony Michael Hall around. This movie had a lot of people in it.
  • IMDB does not show a third entry being made, but I would think they would make one.
  • Did they leave the door open for the Joker character to return? It seems he could have his own movie, although without Ledger it may not work.
  • Who could be the villain (s) in the third movie? Yet another Catwoman? A new take on the Penguin? A sick and twisted Riddler might be interesting. Maybe a brand new villain?


The rumour mill says they're asking Johnny Depp to play the Riddler and Phillip Seymour Hoffman to do the Penguin.

It's entirely impossible, but I can't help thinking it would be very interesting if they introduced the new Crimson Avenger as an anti-hero/villain. Mostly, I just want to see how they would treat her in the not quite mystical flavor they've been using for the series.

Overall though, I don't think it would hurt for them to start introducing more vigilantes. The fake batmen have opened the door to show other people being interested.

The 'banker' was a mob guy. He was likely a thug put there as extra protection for the 'bank'.

I thought Joker was fantastic. It wasn't the comical one that appeared on the TV shows or in the other movies, instead it was dark and twisted. Okay, so the Jerry McGuire, "you complete me" line Joker said to Batman was sort of hilarious if you made the connection.

Anarchy isn't so pretty, is it?

It was awesome...

Next villain? Tough to say... I'm just happy they avoided the whole "altered by chemicals" stuff they did with the previous movies.

So far the villains have been more grounded or believable, if not utter whack jobs. I think that sort of leaves out Bane and Clayface. Poison Ivy? Penguin? Riddler? Catwoman? There are tons of others.

I think they'll avoid Riddler because he might come off a little too close to what the Joker was (more of an insane but complicated villain that had plots and schemes that needed to be puzzled out).

I'm guessing they'll go with the Penguin...

I don't think they could ever do Joker with someone else. Heath Ledger left me scarred... he was awesome.

i heard they are thinking of Angelina Jolie as Catwoman for the 3rd film?

I just read... on an actual new site... that Eddie Murphy will be the Riddler. I don't believe it... I can't believe it ;) Has he ever played a real villain?

I think with Murphy's current success in some of the darker dramas, Dream Girls for one, he might do a good job with the Riddler. I'm sure they will go for something darker and less crazy over the top like Jim Carey did in that really bad Batman movie.

The shot gun in the desk makes sense when you understand that it's a mob bank and he has it there to stop a normal average every day robbery, not the joker.

I'm sure the Joker will not make a return, not till they get someone of Ledger's caliber to fill those shoes.

I do like the blu ray version, since they edited in some of the outdoor scenes from the Imax version, which is a different aspect ratio, so it fills HD TV screens. Course, for the rest of the movie, it goes back to widescreen. Still the added footage is just awesome to view.

The harsh voice does tend to throw me off a bit while watching, but he does have to disguise it to some degree.

Over all, it was good in the theaters and I'm happy with the blu ray version.

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