Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who is Werit?

I am just about 100% sure of what I will be doing upon my first login to WAR. It wasn't really a difficult choice for me, as I knew what I wanted to play as soon as I read about the class. It seems to be an unwritten rule that a MMO game blog has to go into what they will play, so here goes.

Order. I will play on the Order side for my first server. There is a decent chance I will be on another server so I can play destruction at some point, but to start it will be Order. My opinion is that both Order and Destruction are pretty cool. Order seems to be falling into the 'good and pretty' side in most internet talk, but they are not really that good. Good vs Evil here is not as simple as other games.

Dwarf. Big surprise, I know! Tough, stubborn and mean, what is not to like? I have always liked the Dwarf style and architecture. The tinkering that dwarves do in WAR is also pretty neat. I know the gyrocopter has caused some controversy, but I like it.

Engineer. This was a pretty easy choice for me. For one, guns and explosives... enough said. I also like the defensive style of gameplay and this class should encourage me to play that way. Dropping turrets, barbed wire, some aoe... making life difficult for the enemy, all sounds great.

Due to PvP leveling, I will most certainly have an alt. I am currently leaning towards either a healer or the witch hunter. We will see, I will try to star focused on my engineer as long as possible.


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