Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do Dwarves wear capes?

City of Heroes/City of Villains, Champions Online and DC Universe Online

The Superhero MMO market is going to get crowded in the near future. I have played City of Villains before, it was an interesting game. I really liked the character customization options. Both the look and the power set combinations made it very engaging. When I played, things got busy so I never really got very far.

During this pre-WAR lull, I started to think about re-activating my CoV account, but these 2 new Superhero MMO's on the horizon have dampened my enthusiasm. Champions Online seems like it will be CoX++, as cryptic developed both of them. They seem to be the developer of choice for character customization, which is something I really enjoy.

There is not much information on DC Universe, but it involved Superman and Batman, so what more is there to know?

With these options, I may have to find a way to add a Superhero MMO to my roster soon.


I'm a long time City of Heroes/City of Villains player. Honestly, if you've been out for a while, now is the time to get back into it. Issue 12 has brought a bunch of new features in, Cimerora is a blast and Issue 13 is rumoured to be an omgstory issue. Certainly there'll be alot to look forward to.

DC Universe I can't speak for as I've not bothered looking at the game, I just wonder how the idiots from CoX who copy Wolverine and Superman and suchlike will cope in it.

As for Champions, as a CoX player, I welcome it. They've got to contend with having Jack Emmert (Though he may have really truely learned from CoX) and going up against the monster that they created. Really? I see Champions doing well, but forever driving CoX to do just that bit more.

If you come back and need a hand, sure give us a shout on Virtue Server. @Ardua

I think my character was on that server. I had a Mastermind and was no where near the level cap.

I would have preferred Marvel over DC, but I think Champions Online was Marvel.

I am hoping Issue 13 does something with the bases, as they have always been an interesting, if unused part of the game.

As far as I know, and as reported by Massively, Bases are getting a big ol look in i13. Also there's likely more powerset proliferation and a few other nice bits.

Sure if you're on Virtue, it's double xp weekend this weekend and I've a 39 corruptor I'm pushing to 50. You're more than welcome to come along.

I think if Champions manages to simultaneously address some of the larger problems that CoX faced in its early/mid life (as well as is facing them now. Ourobouros was a clear 'we want to extend the game's shelf life by allowing people to replay old missions' message.) as well as adding in further customization (such as being able to choose the look of non-weapon powers) and just cool stuff (you get to design your own Archnemisis. Nuff said), it could definitely take over the niche.

CoV installed! If I get bored this weekend it will likely be activated. probably will make a new character. I am thinking:

Mastermind with Mercs and Force Field.

I know Mercs are not the best, but they do look fun... and I can make my Hannibal superhero! :)

Well, I gave in and activated my account. What is your villain name?

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